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Few suggestions

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Just a few of the top of my head, some have already been suggested, by myself or others ingame/ on forums, but I?m bored at work?

some of these may already have been added as I haven?t been on for a couple of days

-pvp repair shop for items such a vesta, makes doanting for it worthless if it?s not tradable .

-zaryte bow specs needs buffing , does a msb spec but almost always hits nothing?

-dragon kin lamp from daily reward only offers 15k xp for irons and realism, maybe a bug?that needs buffing?

-donator shop in game from where to spend scrolls and make it actually worth buying scrolls to sell on, making more donators , more money for the server , more money to advertise .

-add a healer at home, just like the one in donator zone, for when pvping increases , maybe make a timer that you have to be out of combat for so many seconds before being able to heal, also once every 1-2 mins, stops possible rushing?

-at duel arena, add a flashing red ??!?, like in osrs when a option has been changed. Reduces chances of being scammed.

-voting multiple reward system needs to be re looked at, as one option is obsolete , what?s the point in taking one mystery box, when you can take a vote point and 1m, and still go and buy the mystery box with the one vote point .

-nex?items such as Torva isn?t increasing max health like it should.

- should be able to claim more than 10 auths?a day, I understand it?s to stop vpn multi voting?

-possibly make the world map usable , showing where you are in the world would be a good extra, stops having to go to google.

theres probably more , just can?t think of the top of my head .?

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These are all great suggestions! +1

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