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Road to wild domination, we?strive to be the best multi pking clan.


Currently the most active clan,?our main purpose is to hold?profiting?wild resources such as Revs, Kbd and Vetion making the wilderness as active as possible. Even though we are a pking clan, you are allowed to do any other activities as you please, but bear in mind that we will request your assistance in times of?increased wildy activity such as?wars, events and pking trips. Repeatedly not attending these may result in?a demote or a kick.


Do not apply if you're just leeching or?looking for protection!



Application Form?

(don't worry, some?of these requirements are not strict!)

  • Username:
  • Do you have discord?:
  • Do you have any NH experience?:
  • Do you have any clan experience?:
  • Have you been apart of any other RS/RSPS?clans, which?:
  • Pic of KDR:
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