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Le Harmless

Arrav Rank Explanations

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The Owner is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the forums and server, overall development?and serves as Head of the Server.


The Manager?is responsible for overall community and staff management as well as maintaining the integrity of Arrav's community and staff. In very frequent circumstances; Managers will be tasked with administrative responsibilities. Managers will?always?have the final say in a player's?promotion or demotion.


A Developer is responsible for server, client and/or website development.


An?Administrator is responsible for overlooking lower staff ranks, community appeals, monitoring?player activity in-game, managing support requests?and player sanctions. Administrators will frequently be tasked with priority tasks such as:?retrieval of alternative donations,?overlooking in-game and/or forum staff, Support Specialist/Account Management Specialist or other future projects.

vxq7IOd.png?Forum Administrator

A Forum Administrator's main responsibility is to manage the overall forums and it's members as well as overlook the responsibilities?of Global, Forum and Jr. Moderators.?Provides major forum maintenance and management of members such as QoL changes to ranks, front-end development, editors and granting member ranks based off in-game achievements.?Forum Administrators?are?capable of permanent?post restriction, content moderation and the?inability to access the site.

fmod.png?Forum Moderator

A Forum Moderator is responsible for assisting players with forum appeals, moderating member activity on the forums, general forum support, and player punishments on the forums.?Forum Moderators are also capable of extended?post restriction, content moderation and the?inability to access the site.

mod.png?Server Moderator

A Server Moderator is responsible for?moderation over players on the server. Server Moderators are also tasked with our support system where they assist Administrators with bug reports, bug abusing, account management and/or other activities.

ss.pngServer Support

A Helper is responsible for assisting players in-game and minimum player punishments such as mute and jail.


Community Ranks

gfx.pngGraphic Designer

This rank can be earned by exhibiting exceptional graphic designer skills.


This rank can be obtained by being an active content creator for Arrav.


A player who has purchased membership from the online store.


-Le Harmless





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