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Kersch's Introduction

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Hello everyone! 

I thought I'd give a warm welcome to anyone joining and a quick introduction of myself.

I'm currently 21, a student who enjoys playing rsps, snowboarding, wake boarding and pretty much anything that can get me up an moving.

I'm based out of the US (central time) so that is when I will be spending the majority of my time in-game. Otherwise I'm active on my socials and discord/forum if you ever need to contact me.  

I have been around the rsps scene for some time now and really enjoy to pk (nh and dh mostly) when I can. You can always catch me skilling away as well when I'm working on something else. I'm very responsive if you need help or ever just want to have a good conversation! Feel free to talk to me in game or or any other ways of contact if you need something I'll respond as soon as I can.

Once again I want to wish everyone a warm welcome and I hope to catch everyone reading this in game :)! 

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