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  1. Placeholder I'll post stats and some other things.
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    Virus Seed's Application

    Username(s): Virus Seed Timezone (GMT): I'm available from 8PM GMT to 8AM GMT. Language(s): English, French Do you have any staff experience? Yes, but I do not remember the names its been way too long I've been on probably 40+ servers. Server name(s): Not available Your role and responsibilities: Moderator, Events Manager, Global Moderator, Server Support, Admin, Marketing Team. Reason why you no longer work there: Those servers either ended up shutting down or I stopped playing the server and got demoted. Why would you like to join the staff team?: To help other players when other people are not around, I am usually on 8+ hours a day helping out other players. This is a new server so a lot of content people are not familiar with like where to buy things and where certain things are located, how things work on this server. I also play the server so I am familiarizing myself with the content and being able to help other players better. What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: Staff team management, marketing team management. Think outside the box coming up with unique ways to solve different problems. Showing enthusiasm in my leadership skills. I want to bring my marketing and business skills on the table to help grow this server, I'm looking for a spot in Marketing team, admin/or mod. I also find that in late hours there is very little to no staff available, and I feel my time schedule helps fill up this gap. I'm very active in game chat answering questions in Help or actively engaging with the player community. From previous server's staff team I was part of, I also have some tricks up my sleeve in player growth advertisement and events managing to help retain player base and grow the community. How many hours can you put into Arrav weekly?: 60+ hours, I also play the server myself so I am very active. Have you ever been banned before? If yes, explain: No I have never been banned on any server before. Do you have Discord?: Yes. Time Played (screenshot): http://prntscr.com/n6nf5z Almost 24hours of playtime since the release of the server and from this post.
  3. I'm ready

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      Le Harmless

      Same over here :)

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    Arrav Scheduled For Release

    Very excited
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    Virus Seed Introduction

    Hey guys, I've been around ajw's servers for a long time, usually just lurking around so many of you probably don't know who I am. I love pking so you'll most likely find me in the wildy.