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  1. Mustachio

    The Future of Arrav

    I don't really like the idea, I mean I donated money to the server and putted a lot of hours into it. If the server rollback under a new name and new everything It would only be fair to donator to get all the points back at the start. It shouldn't impact the eco very hard because people will still go farm to get drops just that they will have useful items to help them farm (that is what i mainly do and I've managed to get good money and items that way, even more money then what i donated for) In the end, I think that it will be fair to every donator to get their points back and fair to every player that will transfert from arrav to the other server to get some kind of ''thank you package''. That package could help us get a base of player from the start and also help us keep players in arrav to test and reports problems or bugs so that the new server will be even better then arrav and have more potential. I think that's a Win / Win situation. Mustachio
  2. Mustachio

    The Future of Arrav

    I like option #2 but I would like to see some sort of benefit for players who played the beta I understand that the benefit is the leveling and the donator points. I feel like its not enough, I would love to see donator get 1.5x points, also It would be nice for all the beta players to recieve a lamp that gives level 99 in the skill that they want (because realism is so long and people already putted so much effort into the server I feel like they deserve that). With these changes I would vote for option #2 right away and I won't care to loose my bank, beaucse I feel like the time I've putted into arrav won't be such a lost. Mustachio.
  3. Mustachio

    Mustachio application

    Username(s): Mustachio // Votemanio (realism alt) Timezone (GMT): GMT-4 (Québec) Language(s): English and french Position applying for: Support Do you have any staff experience? I do not have any staff experience on any RSPS but I do have staff experience on other games like Dofus (french game) if that can be relevant (we can discuss it on discord). Server name(s): N/A Your role and responsibilities: N/A Reason why you no longer work there: N/A Why would you like to join the staff team?: I feel like the team is missing out on some good support member at the moment. I'd like to be able to assist players and help the server and the staff to acquire a good reputation. What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: I'm honest, mature, upright, I like to assist players, I get along with almost eveyone, I handle stressful and hard situation with calm, I think everything can be solved with words How many hours can you put into Arrav weekly?: at least 15 to 25h weekly, could be less when I'm in exams period (Studying takes time) Have you ever been banned before? If yes, explain: Never Do you have Discord?: Of course, GalaxyMustache#2589 Time Played (screenshot):
  4. Mustachio

    Double XP weekends

    I think we could do something like -1.5xp weekend -5% more drop rate on weekend I think that could bring more players into the server, because almost everyone have more time to play on weekends Mustachio.
  5. Mustachio

    PvP armor and weapons

    At the moment, everytime you use PvP items (statius, zuriel, vesta, morrigan) at the 1st hit they become (deg) and linked to your account. Would like to sugest a NPC that could bring back our PvP(deg) items to tradeable items, that would keep the economy running for PvP items. The NPC could have some sort of condition to bring back the (deg) items to tradeable items. Ex: 5m cash or 50 gold charm Mustachio
  6. Mustachio

    My Shop

    You can check my store IG for all the prices. You can also pm me to discuss the prices
  7. Mustachio

    Your Arrav Username

    I'm a big harry potter fan also but my user name isn't based on any HP caracter unfortunately. I've came up with ''Mustachio'' because my discord name is Galaxy_Mustache (it matched my profile pic) and I wanted to twist it a little bit for Arrav.
  8. Mustachio

    Scratch cards opening + ags giveaway

    that's a lot of scratchers !! nice video
  9. Mustachio

    My Shop

    got sold before I read your message sorry
  10. Mustachio

    Mustachio Intro

    Hi everyone, I've been playing Arrav since the launch but I never took time to introduce myself proprely, so here we go. I will start by telling you guys/girls that I'm a french canadian (I live in the province of Québec), I'm curently studying to become a physical therapist and I work part-time as a waiter. I haven't played a RSPS since 2015 (I used to play on Helix World) but the advestisement for Arrav caught my eye and I had to play again. I'm mostly a PvM player, you'll probably see me farming bosses (I've been farming armadyl lately). You might also see me stake some items but you'll probably never see me in the WILD because I suck at PK sadly. You'll probably see me trolling in the chat also (SorryNotSorry) just know that I'm never really serious when I say stupid stuff. Hope to see you all in game Would be a pleasure for me to help everyone that need more info on the server (might not know everything but I'll share what I know without hesitation). Mustachio
  11. Mustachio

    My Shop

    Here's what I have for sale at the moment (topic will be updated if I have more things to sell or if I sold some things) You can message me IG or on the forum to discuss the price if you are interested in anything Mustachio
  12. Like the title says I'm pretty happy to share my 1st armadyl drop. Few kills later I was able to drop all the 3 shards to make my AGS! Mustachio
  13. Mustachio

    Since its spam?!?

  14. Mustachio

    First hardcore ironman to max

    wow good job!
  15. Mustachio

    $20 Donor Credits Giveaway

    I can't register for the raffle is that normal? I don't see any option to register