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  1. fleese

    The Future of Arrav

    This is completely the owners fault. First of all, for the web store to get hacked and the economy ruined before it has even started shows that the owners are no where near ready to be running a private server. The choice of staff also shows that the owners dont really know what they are doing and should not bother trying to run a private server. The owners think that email spam is good enough for advertising the server, highlights my point even further. You guys should refund all donation ( havent donated btw) ,.not bother trying to relaunch the server and find something else to do because the launch of this server has definitely put a spotlight on the owners incompetence and relaunching the server again wont do anything to fix the real issue here.
  2. fleese

    Double XP weekends

    A staple of RSPs's, we should have it as well. thoughts?
  3. fleese


    43 raw cave eel