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  1. Roach

    Scratch cards opening + ags giveaway

    Nice video. Love these kinds of vids. Keep up the good work RSN: Iron Roach/Example
  2. Roach

    Crystal Key Chest [REWARDS]

    I literally got 3 monkey nuts in a row.
  3. Roach

    Mystery Box Rewards

    I got a pernix cowl from a legendary. I think it was just a rare reward though
  4. Roach

    Ironman Heblore Guide

    I'll be adding the best ways to get herbs/secondaries soon
  5. It was a long and tiring road, but after a week of no lifing - we made it.
  6. Roach

    Roach's Progress Thread

    Updated for first 24hrs since launch!
  7. Roach

    Pre-Launch Giveaway - Winners!

    Yall spelled my name wrong! All jokes aside, gz everyone!
  8. Roach

    Roach's Progress Thread

    Probably not at first, I may make a hardcore after a few weeks!
  9. Ironman Account: Updated: 4/8/19 4:30AM CST
  10. Roach

    Pre-Launch Giveaway

    Good luck yall