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  1. Doczer

    Price Guide

    Thanks Ava! Much appreciated.
  2. Doczer

    [4/13/19] Server & Client Updates

    Love this! great update.
  3. Doczer

    Hey, Im Derek.

    Hey everyone, I'm Derek! I played this server awhile back and got an email to play again.. Couldn't remember my last user so I created 'Doczer". Server is great so far and I'm loving realism mode. hope to see you all in game. Derek
  4. Doczer

    Social media ideas!

    I second all this... I run a social media agency and If you need any help with marketing and ads let me know! Derek
  5. Doczer

    The Future of Arrav

    I haven't donated yet but If I did I'd be pretty annoyed, especially donating and then gambling but if you get your money back thats sweet right? no.. This is a business.. Most private servers state no refunds am I wrong? You know what you're getting yourself into when you donate to a private server.. whether its shutting down, reseting or being hacked. Option #2 and I personally think donors should have to reset cause thats how its been for years but I'm sure my opinion will be argued.