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  1. Dluzion

    Hey, Im Derek.

    Not to shit on your parade, but make sure you go and read the “future if arrav” post, if you’re gonna okay realism and put loads of hours into this server , you are gonna be disappointed shortly 😢
  2. Dluzion

    The Future of Arrav

    So you donate to a server that’s just started, only to be told it’s reseting after like 2 weeks. that’s totally fair to lose all the money you’ve donated. I only donated a small amount , but for people who donated over 300 odd dollars would be screwing if your way was to happen, thankfully it isn’t.
  3. Dluzion

    The Future of Arrav

    Alright , well I’m just trying to put my point across, abit to passionately I admit
  4. Dluzion

    The Future of Arrav

    If one of the reasons of resetting the server is because the “eco” is fucked , and that your way of fixing this problem is to reset and give all the items back after one month, isn’t that just saying, that after one month, the eco is gonna be fucked again after you’ve issue all donation credits out? So many items being put into the game in such a short space of time... i understand it’s a “donation” . I donate to help the server, and also to have items that I want. i was a neutral , and always will be, I didn’t listen to what others had to say about this server, but it very much looks like it’s a quick “cash grab”. i hope that is wrong. But to me, if your idea of fixing everything is to reset, then that’s the easy option, and would lose my respect. sorry, but that’s just my opinion.
  5. Dluzion

    The Future of Arrav

    There was a roll back, and it fixed all eco issues. The only problem or issue atm, is the reputation, and I can gaurentee, in a months time, this will all be forgotten. If they are willing to reset just cos of a few teething problems, than that’s absolutely ridiculous. If this server resets, I can see Future repeating itself.
  6. Dluzion

    The Future of Arrav

    I don’t understand why these updates can’t be added into the game without needing a complete reset/new server/rebranding?
  7. Dluzion

    The Future of Arrav

    personally , I’ve put in to many hours in for a “new” server just to be released. You’re gonna have problems regarding how new or old a server is. You could release a new server, and something like this could happen again, it’s never really in your control, I’ve put almost 70 hours into this server , and if it comes to it. I probably won’t return if the server starts again. If I would have known it was gonna be a “beta” I would never have joined. All the time and effort would have been wasted for effectively, nothing . I see potential for this server , and I really really enjoy it, the staff/owners are great, but I don’t think starting again will solve anything . thats my personal opinion after having 30 mins to have a think, you’ve got to realise that people will be rooting for option 2 for a self gain (currency) people that have donated, gambled, and lost. They effectively get a re roll of the dice and get re-imbursed, for people that are on the other end that have made money , whether it’s gambling or bossing , it’s then all gone to waste. another point is that, players that know of this server, will think that in the future, that if anything goes wrong, you won’t hesitate to hit the restart button again, if it’s happened once, it can happen again, and what’s the point in putting your hard earned money, as well as a lot of your own time, on a server that can hit the restart button, whenever it wants. the server is doing well, and weekly updates I believe will benefit the server, aswell as advertisements, will eventually bring in more players.
  8. Dluzion

    Staff Suggestion

    You was missing the joke about what happened with other staff..
  9. Dluzion

    Donator Scroll and Shop

    I don’t understand why this has to be a suggestion, it’s logical, and will make the server more in donations over time. I’m surprised it wasn’t here from launch
  10. Dluzion

    Mr Bobos Insane Shop

    Considering a max of like 4 people who would actually want to buy this, take the phats offered and trade up from there, doubt you’ll get a good offer and imo, it’s a horrible custom
  11. Dluzion

    Staff Suggestion

    I wonder who this is aimed at 😂
  12. Dluzion

    Few suggestions

    Just a few of the top of my head, some have already been suggested, by myself or others ingame/ on forums, but I’m bored at work some of these may already have been added as I haven’t been on for a couple of days -pvp repair shop for items such a vesta, makes doanting for it worthless if it’s not tradable . -zaryte bow specs needs buffing , does a msb spec but almost always hits nothing -dragon kin lamp from daily reward only offers 15k xp for irons and realism, maybe a bug that needs buffing? -donator shop in game from where to spend scrolls and make it actually worth buying scrolls to sell on, making more donators , more money for the server , more money to advertise . -add a healer at home, just like the one in donator zone, for when pvping increases , maybe make a timer that you have to be out of combat for so many seconds before being able to heal, also once every 1-2 mins, stops possible rushing? -at duel arena, add a flashing red “!”, like in osrs when a option has been changed. Reduces chances of being scammed. -voting multiple reward system needs to be re looked at, as one option is obsolete , what’s the point in taking one mystery box, when you can take a vote point and 1m, and still go and buy the mystery box with the one vote point . -nex items such as Torva isn’t increasing max health like it should. - should be able to claim more than 10 auths a day, I understand it’s to stop vpn multi voting -possibly make the world map usable , showing where you are in the world would be a good extra, stops having to go to google. theres probably more , just can’t think of the top of my head .
  13. Dluzion

    PvP armor and weapons

    100 percent support, have suggested this to robot and other high management , they was looking into this, said it was a possibility , hopefully it gets the go ahead!
  14. Dluzion

    Crystal Key Chest [REWARDS]

  15. Dluzion

    Drop Rate Boosting Items & Features

    maybe a bug? but i had ring of wealth, and only seemed to add 3 percent?