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  1. Villanelle

    Price Guide

    Any ideas on pricing for Dragon Claws or Elder Maul?
  2. Villanelle

    Farming and Noted Herbs

    I think OP meant to use the herb on the Leprechaun NPC, rather than having to talk to him over and over again, to get them noted. Also there are a few different crops that can't be noted, should give this a look and fix.
  3. Villanelle

    Quick Teleports

    It definitely would be beneficial to have the skill icons teleport you to where you want to go. Or have the system of 'Enter -> City/Skilling/Dungeons/Bosses (categorized under a key letter) -> Specific places relating to one of the categories (again, under a key letter)' Hope that makes sense...
  4. Villanelle

    [4/7/19] Server & Client Updates

    Looks great.