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    Mustachio Intro

    Welcome Mustachio, enjoy your stay!
  2. Username(s): Raiiiiiiiiiiiin (main account), Blue Rain, Rain. Timezone (GMT): GMT+2 (The Netherlands so utc+1) Language(s): fluent in Dutch and English. Basic knowledge of German and French. Position applying for: Server Support Do you have any staff experience? Yeah, but a WHILE ago. Loads of private servers but more than 5 years ago. I'm actually going to include another position that I had; Ar2 and Ar1 (read below for more information) Server name(s): Devilheroes (Call of duty clan, actually) Your role and responsibilities: Admin rank 2, and later rank 1. Basically like Vice-Admin and Admin. Controlling the server, acting on hackers, reviewing map rotation and player happiness. Reason why you no longer work there: Call of duty United Offensive is completely dead, the playerbase is like 30 people at most. Why would you like to join the staff team?: It has been a while since I've had a position in a staff team. Truth be told,I like the challenge and the dynamic workload that comes with it. Besides that, the server is showing great promise so far and I feel like I can contribute to it in this position. It has a very stable playerbase so far, and I'd like to see that expand into something really, really big. And, maybe I haven't been seen online enough just yet, but that was because of some events in real life such as not having any wi-fi all sunday due to having a not-so-good internet provider. What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: Patience, calmness, good conflict resolvement-skills. I'm calm, usually. I like to think before doing anything, and I feel like I express that quite well. I'm capable of taking decisions without any preferences, purely based on facts. I'm somebody who likes to hear both sides before deciding. I'm somebody who thrives when it comes to responsibility and somebody who can be trusted in any situation. I dont mind the challenge when it comes to dealing with a lot of people, considering the fact that it's part of my day job as well. I'm not done until the person needing my help, actually moves on being satisfied with the answer and/or solution. To end my monologue, I'm very curious by nature. Which means that I like to look into everything, details and such, to find answers. Meaning, if I can't answer or help somebody right away then I'll make sure that I can help that very person as soon as possible. Player satisfaction is what I'd like to keep in mind if I would be accepted into the team. Apart from that I like to have fun, why else would I play a game 😉 How many hours can you put into Arrav weekly?: Quite dynamic, to be honest. Usually about 4 hours after work during the week, and I can spend whatever time I want on the weekends. So lets say about ~40 hours in total. Have you ever been banned before? If yes, explain: Not that I can remember. I've been temp muted on Runescape when I was around 11, because I called somebody a poopyhead. So, there you go. Criminal. Do you have Discord?: Yeah, rain#9709 Time Played (screenshot): https://imgur.com/zBNGC5J Thanks in advance for reading and considering me, Greetigs, Rain.
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    [4/7/19] Server & Client Updates

    looks very decent! looking forward for more to come
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    Rain's introduction

    Hey all, I'm Rain. Ingame name is Raiiiiiiiiiin. I'm 23, and from the Netherlands. I'm enjoying the server so far, it's friendly and has a good vibe so far. I'm hoping that this server can be big again, and hoping to be part of it as well ;) Greetings, Rain.