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  1. Another 5 tickets opened: 1.Ring of Suffering (again -.-) 2.Bandos Tassets 3.Odium Ward 4. Glavien 5. Arcane spirit Not bad! :D
  2. Hey guys, I thought it would be a cool idea to make a thread where everyone can show what rewards they got from the golden scratch tickets. Here's my 10 tickets 1.Dragon Full Helm (or) 2. Dragon Platelegs (or) 3. Armadyl Godsword 4. Ring of suffering 5. Virtus Robe Top 6. 10m Coins 7. 10m Coins 8. Dragon full helm (or) 9. Dragon Plateskirt (or) 10. Dragon sq shield (or) Not the best of luck but can't complain either as I got a nex piece and the best in slot defence ring 😄
  3. Gratz mate 🙂
  4. Lancia

    Lancia Introduction

    Hey guys, I've been already playing since launch but still wanted to give an intro. I've been playing RSPS's since 2014 and i'm always jumping around from RSPS to RSPS from time to time. I hope to stay in this one for a long time as i'm really enjoying the commnunity. Please feel free to hit me a message if you want to talk - (I love talking about cars by the way -hence the name Lancia, I own a Lancia Delta Intergrale which is a rare historical classic rally car) 😄