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  1. Kodatiku

    Staff Suggestion

    It only makes sense!
  2. Kodatiku

    Staff Suggestion

    The server? Trial positions are a pretty common thing, even in real runescape..
  3. Kodatiku

    Staff Suggestion

    Before promoting staff to full rank, create a "Trial" Rank in order to ensure the selected person(s) is suitable and capable of the task at hand maturely.
  4. Kodatiku

    Few suggestions

    These are all great suggestions! +1
  5. Kodatiku

    [4/13/19] Server & Client Updates

    Well done! Thanks for the update
  6. Kodatiku

    Skill Guides

    Currently when you click on skills in-game it just sends a message sharing you current level. Suggestion: Have the share option be another click and display actual skill guide on general click. Was crafting today and forget what levels were needed for certain bows and had to open google -,-
  7. Kodatiku

    Kodatiku's application

    Username(s): Kodatiku Timezone (GMT): CST -6:00 Language(s): English, some German. Position applying for: Forum Moderator Do you have any staff experience? Yes. Server name(s): Leakforums, RuneMart Your role and responsibilities: Forum Mod on both sites. Job was to maintain forum integrity, setup and host community events, disipline and resolve issues that came about and infract users when necessary, Reason why you no longer work there: Leakforums I decided to resign due to overall shadiness of the direction of the forum, they started getting involved with black-hat type things (Stolen Credit Cards selling and heaps of other things) that I ultimately just did not want to be apart of. As for Runemart, after the last big bot nuke on osrs majority of the community fell apart and a lot of faces left the scene and I was just one of those people. Overall between Leakforums & Runemart I served about 2 years collectively as a forum moderator. Why would you like to join the staff team?: Forum Moderating is just something I've always enjoyed to do. I'm 25 years old and can moderate at a mature level. I'm not one to jump the gun, and one thing I know about myself is that if I'm passionate about something I will give it my 110%. I have great work ethic and many years in many different fields going all the way from fast food, to construction, to laboratory work (Current Job). I embrace practical improvements and am continuously thinking of new ideas/ways to get everyone involved. What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: Honesty, Loyalty, respect & work ethic. I'm somebody you can count on. How many hours can you put into Arrav weekly?: Weekly just on forums anywhere from 24-30+ hours. I have computer access all day when I am at work and typically I am online. Have you ever been banned before? If yes, explain: No. Do you have Discord?: Yes - Kodatiku Time Played (screenshot): http://prntscr.com/naq0ur
  8. Kodatiku

    Mustachio Intro

    Welcome! Hope you're enjoying yourself here!
  9. Its a mix between rap and metal. weird I know, but thats my taste.
  10. Kodatiku

    PvP armor and weapons

    Support as well. Nothing more annoying than having the (deg) over your gear that you don't even use anymore.
  11. Kodatiku


    Currently avatar sizes are awkward and just unappealing. Solution: Increase avatar image size restrictions to a more suitable look to the forum.
  12. Kodatiku

    Tom Clancy's The Division 2

    Anyone play? If so, how are you liking it? Honestly one of the best games I've played in awhile. If you're not in a clan feel free to join "MidwestBlackout" - We are a heavily based PvE clan & soon Raids and pvp. Typically atleast 1 person in online 24/7.
  13. Kodatiku

    Le Harmless Goals & Achievements

    Damn they treating you like a slave or what? forums arent THAT popping.. 😉
  14. Kodatiku

    Crystal Key Chest [REWARDS]

    Double Exp I believe
  15. Kodatiku

    Since its spam?!?