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  1. I Rep Dutch

    The Future of Arrav

    Now the poll results are clear, what is going to happen now?
  2. I Rep Dutch

    The Future of Arrav

    Thats not going to help, because anyone can just buy more than 50$ In the beginning then? Unless you wanna close donations for a week or 2. I think thats not smart to do, just nerf the donator shop. Don’t put to overpowered items, or make them really expensive.
  3. I Rep Dutch

    The Future of Arrav

    Path 2 but would be useless to play because all items would be gone
  4. I Rep Dutch

    Donator Scroll and Shop

    won't be added soon i heard from ava
  5. I Rep Dutch

    Mr Bobos suggestions

    just make void/etc stuff lose above level 20 wild, and ranger boots are in droptable
  6. I Rep Dutch

    Mr Bobos suggestions

    Nice suggestions but somethings you have written down here are already in the game. Ranger boots already in the game, robin hood hat also but not in colours and tbh would be useless. only for fashion it would be cool. And they should not add a golden scratch to the droptables, rather have the scratches from keys/caskets/boxes. I agree but, not for that amount. Its really hard to get money in this server, all coins comes more from votes & donation. They should deffenitely buff every droprate table almost, because you can't make "coins" really easy.
  7. I Rep Dutch


    Forums or In-Game: i rep dutch Player Name: i rep dutch Punishment Type: ip-ban Reason For Punishment: kersch unrightfully ip-banned me. How Long The Punishment Has Been Active: since today Why Your Punishment Appeal Should Be Accepted: because i dind't do anything wrong?
  8. I Rep Dutch

    Price Guide

    pvp armour needs to be lowered bc it degrades and torva needs to be 200-250 darkbow needs to be 5m
  9. I Rep Dutch

    Price Guide

    add prim/eternal/pegs
  10. I Rep Dutch

    [4/13/19] Server & Client Updates

  11. I Rep Dutch

    Double XP weekends

  12. I Rep Dutch

    Team Blackup

    Road to wild domination, we strive to be the best multi pking clan. Currently the most active clan, our main purpose is to hold profiting wild resources such as Revs, Kbd and Vetion making the wilderness as active as possible. Even though we are a pking clan, you are allowed to do any other activities as you please, but bear in mind that we will request your assistance in times of increased wildy activity such as wars, events and pking trips. Repeatedly not attending these may result in a demote or a kick. Do not apply if you're just leeching or looking for protection! Application Form (don't worry, some of these requirements are not strict!) Username: Do you have discord?: Do you have any NH experience?: Do you have any clan experience?: Have you been apart of any other RS/RSPS clans, which?: Pic of KDR:
  13. I Rep Dutch


    Delete cache, try to dl launcher from website again
  14. I Rep Dutch


    Add +hp when you equip torva like it supposed to be
  15. I Rep Dutch

    Champions League Winner

    i hope barca wins