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  1. Username(s): Try me12 Timezone (GMT): GMT+1 (Holland) Language(s): Dutch, English & Spanish. Position applying for: In-game moderator Do you have any staff experience? Yes Server name(s): Near reality Your role and responsibilities: I already have 6 months of experience as 'helper'. My role was to make sure everyone who had questions, I knew the answer. While acting as helper I gathered a lot of information about the game. One of the things I like the most is actually be in touch with other players. Being able to help them out while making sure everyone is okay. I would love to help people out, even more than i'm doing right now. Reason why you no longer work here: Because I decided to travel and couldn't combine the two things. Why would you like to join the staff team? I would like to join the staff team because I add certain knowledge to the game. Besides my knowledge, is my time-area an advantage aswell since i'm living in Holland. In the game I just love talking to people, and helping them out. What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: One of my best qualities, which isn't really a quality is the fact that i'm always happy. I believe I am able to make sure players actively join the community and present to certain activities. Being able to make people as happy and enthusiastic as I am, this is my best quality. How many hours can you pur into Arrav weekly?: In-game: +20 hours a week Have you ever been banned before? If yes, explain: I haven't Do you have Discord? Yes Time played (screenshot): Would love the hear the feedback! Cheers, Try me12
  2. Try me12

    Wilderness Key Guide

    allways bro!
  3. Try me12


    Hi there! In this topic ill try to gather the most rewards from caskets & backpacks. Besides that we as community can make sure there is an up-to-date price list! Cheers
  4. Try me12

    Wilderness Key Guide

  5. Try me12

    Little Introduction

    Welcome to Arrav! Nice to meet u and hope to see u in game! Cheers
  6. Try me12

    Hey im Vexren.

    Welcome to the server brother!
  7. Try me12

    Lemmtim's introduction

    Hi bro welcome! Greetz to ur whole fam, looking fowrad to play w/ u! Cheersss
  8. Try me12

    What pet?

    Hi guys! I was wondering what pet u guys would like to get the most! And if so will you start the grind to get the first pet in game? Cheers
  9. Anyone planning to become #1 pking?

    1. Le Harmless

      Le Harmless

      Maybe :classic_cool: 

      are you good at pking mate?

    2. Try me12

      Try me12

      Mainly pking nh

  10. Try me12

    Hi, I'm Yuma.

    Nice to meet you, Will be looking foward to play w/ you cheers
  11. Hi! I think ill start aswell with slayer to grind the whip, then when i have some cash stack spend it on skilling 🙂 cheers
  12. Try me12

    Le Harmless Introduction

    HI Ruben looking aswell forward to meet u IG! Cheers en enjoy your nice frietjes met mayo.
  13. Try me12

    Golden Scratch Ticket rewards

    Sounds like a decent prize list! By any chance can u also tell the /100 of getting uncommen or legend items?
  14. Try me12

    Connor's Introduction

    Nice to meet you sir! Looking forward to see you ig.