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  1. Simply_lazy


    I have not figured it out either. Support.
  2. On my alt. I think it was the first cracker in-game. Probability is 1/15000
  3. Simply_lazy

    Drop Rate Boosting Items & Features

    Great guide. What is the droprate box though?
  4. Simply_lazy

    Rasse - Maxed

    Nice, grats man!
  5. Simply_lazy

    Drop Rates

    It could be that the hitting for example the rare droptable is 1/200, which means that the items in the rare droptable have lower droprates than what is actually stated. For example at nex it says that torva/pernix/virtus is 1/200 per piece. It could be that the chance to land on the rare drop table is 1/200, which means that the actual dropchance of torva/pernix/virtus pieces are 1/2000 (since there are 10 items) and not 1/200. On top of this i have received items that are not listed on the droptable of bosses several times. Hopefully someone with code access can clarify these two hypotheses. Lets assume one nex kill takes 9 minutes (with respawn), and the chance to land on the droptable is 1/200. This means that it takes on average 9*200/60 = 30 hours of nex per piece. That would be a tough one. E1: Made some calculations. Currently 88 kills dry where 13 kills are with 30% increased droprate, and about 40 kills are with 15% increase droprate. This means, that the probability of going 88 kils dry on nex (if the droprate of each item is 1/200) is 8,5249%. Will update this until drystreak ends.
  6. Simply_lazy

    Drop Rates

    I have experienced similar things at other bosses, where i am over 3x the droprate of items dry. I think there are some inaccuracies in the droptables.
  7. Simply_lazy

    Can you decide what your top 3 games of all time is?

    1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive => 7000+ hours spent 2. World of Warcraft => 5000 hours+ spent 3. Runescape => Unknown 4. League of Legends => 5000+ spent 5. Call of Duty => 3000-4000 spent Shit, i spend to much time in front of the computer.
  8. Simply_lazy

    Since its spam?!?

    Lets get the snowball rolling
  9. Simply_lazy

    Ava max cape and infernal max cape

    A ava/accumulator max cape, and a infernal max cape would be a great addition to the game!
  10. Simply_lazy

    Max cape - Simply Lazy

    Max cape, yay!
  11. Simply_lazy

    BLACK SANTA! Post Launch Give Away

    Cool stuff, can't wait!
  12. Simply_lazy

    Lag issue resolved!

    Thanks! Gj on fixing lag
  13. Simply_lazy

    Regarding lag

    Keep up the good work!
  14. Simply_lazy

    1st to max in X500 exp

  15. Simply_lazy

    Future gambling system

    This is common for gambling. I support the idea, and i am looking to create a clan like this in the future if people are interested.