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  1. Madbub

    The Future of Arrav

    personaly 2, however, i think it could be a big hit and miss either way you do it.. alot of people have put MANY hours into this server and to lsoe it all would be shit... items etc that ive spent hours doing will be lost and not gained back and only thing you would get back in donar points in game... dosnt add up either way you do it ..... i'd personaly make sure there is something sorted out for donars and the items they have looted via donating.
  2. Madbub

    [4/13/19] Server & Client Updates

    keep up the good work !
  3. Madbub

    Wisely Done

    It’s all very well but auto clicking high Alching is cheating .... should be great full they didn’t ban you !
  4. Madbub

    Le Harmless Goals & Achievements

    Not doing bad mate with the amount your able to get online !
  5. Madbub

    Farming Guide

    Nice guide , herbs and lily for best xp in game 🙂
  6. Madbub

    Price Guide

    Lava phat 1.1b
  7. Madbub

    Crystal Key Chest [REWARDS]

    2 monkey nuts 😂😂 fml
  8. Madbub

    Quick Teleports

    i'd like to suggest clicking the skill and it tele's you to there instead 🙂
  9. Madbub

    Master Cape Benefits

    not sure on the coal one, as you need alot of coal for smithing bars and would seem pointless doing it without having to collect the coal
  10. Madbub


    Thank you harmless, we shall definitely talk in game and meet up for a few things ! All the bestv
  11. Madbub

    Hey it's me!

    All the best ! Know the addiction thing was like it myself many years ago then had a few years away from it and now I only play 2/3 hours a day to keep me getting that bad again 😅
  12. Madbub


    Look forward to speaking in game !
  13. Madbub

    Ajw's Introduction

    Look forward to all you hard work paying off !
  14. Madbub


    Hi all, madbub here ! Use to play ages ago and enjoyed it lots ! Looking forward to catching up with people and making new friends ! Feel free to pm in game for a chat as I’m always up for w stand around and chat ! (If not in my own zone) use to play awhile back before my sister got diagnosed with a brain tumour April 2018 which stopped me playing games all together , sadly she passed away November 2018 and she was only 18 and my best friend .. so I apologise now if some days I’m on but do not talk to people ! Joined forum few few days ago but only just got chance to write this ! 😄 see you all in game