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  1. Yo wtf, that's crazy. How much GP was all that ?
  2. Don

    Matty's Introduction

    Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy your experience!
  3. Don

    Hey, everyone!

    Hey, Welcome to the server, Hope you enjoy the experience !
  4. Don


    Add a Stationary Bank or make him stop moving at Woodcut area, Add a seller next to thief stalls with the items you get from thieving, Add a transparent Chatbox for resizeable clients, Add.... I forgot the last one, I remembered it - Add an option to disable game chat (Disables messages for skilling IE "I got a fish" spamming my chat)
  5. Don

    Forum "Guides" Sub Forum Sections

    Subforums are crucial when forums become active, like as you put although in a broader spectrum, those could fall under In-Game main forum and those could be the subforum, If that's not what you're already talking about 🙂
  6. Don

    Lag issue resolved!

    Fantastic News! Can't wait for the updates !
  7. Don

    Can you decide what your top 3 games of all time is?

    ♦ Call of Duty ♦ Elder Scrolls ♦ Grand Theft Auto The whole series of all of them.
  8. Don

    Farming Guide

    Hello Everyone! I'm going to magically give guide making a shot once again, as I am beyond tired and my eyes hurt I will try to make this as simple and easy as I can, Nothing too major for now. ♦ So first things first, go to the spellbook and hit the skilling teleports spell. ♦ When the menu pops open you need to click Next Page 4 Times to get to the farming option. ♦ After that you need to choose which farming area you want to use, (They're all the same it really doesn't matter) ♦Once you choose your farming area you need to find the farmer in that area to give you the tools and seeds needing to farm. Once you find him click on him and he should open his shop up, I'm hoping most of you know how to farm, if not I will add more detail if I see people reply that they don't know what to do. Herbs Guam Seed | Lv. 9 Marrentill Seed | Lv. 14 Tarromin Seed | Lv. 19 Harralander Seed | Lv. 26 Ranarr Seed | Lv. 32 Toadflax Seed | Lv. 38 Irit Seed | Lv. 44 Avantoe Seed | Lv. 50 Kwuarm Seed | Lv. 56 Snapdragon Seed | Lv. 62 Cadantine Seed | Lv. 67 Lantadyme Seed | Lv. 73 Dwarf weed Seed | Lv. 79 Torstol Seed | Lv. 85 Allotment Seeds Potato Seed | Lv. 1 Onion Seed | Lv. 5 Cabbage Seed | Lv. 7 Tomato Seed | Lv. 12 Sweetcorn Seed | Lv. 20 Strawberry Seed | Lv. 31 Flower Seeds Marigold Seed | Lv. 2 Rosemary Seeds | Lv. 11 Nasturtium Seeds | Lv. 24 Woad Seeds | Lv. 25 Limpwurt Seeds | Lv. 26 Water Lily Seeds | Lv. 52 If I messed any levels up, please let me know so when they add the edit feature *wink* I can fix it ❤️
  9. Don

    Mr Bobo's Suggestions

    I support these, especially that edit button 🙂
  10. Don

    non-transparent chat box option

    I highly agree with this especially on resizeable.
  11. Goodluck with these goals.
  12. Don


    As I said previously in the post about what are the goals for the release, If this already isn't a thing can the skilling items be worth a tad bit, and not be worth dirt cheap. I would hopefully like to be able to do just skilling with cosmetic items like grain bag, sled, scarf, etc, but most of the time skilling items aren't worth alot and it makes it very difficult to make money without doing slayer / bossing / pking which is what most servers do. Just a suggest as I don't know what the prices are etc.
  13. Don

    Pre-Launch Giveaway

    I don't even know what position I'm in but goodluck nonetheless, this will definitely make the winner in charge of the prices for such items and control the ECO in the very beginning.
  14. I'm always torn with this, I can never decide whether or not to become a full max, or be a skiller max, Normally it's hard for skillers to make a fair amount of money without gambling so I hope core resources, Wood, Fish, Ore, etc are worth a bit for us skillers to actually make a decent living, if not then I will be forced to train combat and make money that way, But I think for me it's mainly interacting with the community and help the community stay active and popping with maybe a clan or such