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  1. Dynasty

    $20 Donor Credits Giveaway

    Again, i cant acces site man.
  2. Dynasty

    Social media ideas!

    Maybe a instagram?
  3. Dynasty

    My Shop

    How much for the Dragon shield in gold?
  4. Dynasty

    Since its spam?!?

    Eeverytime xd
  5. Dynasty

    Price Guide

    Dragon Claws are 50-65mil
  6. Dynasty

    3rd Ironman Max Cape

    Gzz man, what are you now doing?
  7. Nice red phat man, you are now the king or queen xd
  8. Dynasty

    Rasse - Maxed

    Congrats with your max cape, enjoy this feeling!
  9. Dynasty

    Quick Teleports

    good suggestion
  10. Dynasty

    [4/7/19] Server & Client Updates

    super nice
  11. Dynasty

    Drop Rate Boosting Items & Features

    Thx 🙂
  12. Dynasty

    Balance Stats for ::ffa

    Very good suggestion!
  13. Dynasty

    Price Guide

    Looks good 🙂
  14. Dynasty

    Lancia Introduction

    Welcome to Arrav, i hope you enjoy the place here!
  15. Dynasty

    First Ever Rainbow Partyhat Drop!!!

    nice, congrats!