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  1. Dalton

    Lag issue resolved!

    No more lag pls
  2. Dalton

    BLACK SANTA! Post Launch Give Away

    The Santa Claus of Arrav. Thanks for this!
  3. Username(s): Dalton Timezone (GMT): GMT-5 Language(s): English Do you have any staff experience? No Server name(s): n/a Your role and responsibilities: n/a Reason why you no longer work there: n/a Why would you like to join the staff team?: I'd like to be a part of Arrav's staff team because I can help contribute reliable assistance to those who need it. From answering questions in /help CC to simply providing advice to further enhance someone's time on Arrav. Going out of my way to assist others is already something I do and being a part of Arrav's staff team would help verify that. What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: I'd like to consider myself patient. I am a compassionate person than genuinely enjoys helping others out IRL and online. Knowledgeable on the game and only learning more every day as I play. Service before self has been engraved in my head and I can confidently say I live it. How many hours can you put into Arrav weekly?: This varies. I work 4 on 3 off so most of my time online will be spent in those 3 days, though I would be online daily. To give a number though, I would guesstimate 30-50 weekly. Have you ever been banned before? If yes, explain: No. Do you have Discord?: Yes. Dalton#8746 Time Played (screenshot):
  4. Dalton

    No worries, I'm here!

    Sah dude, have already started chatting passively in help cc and you're good people. Hope to cross paths more frequently!
  5. Huehue, only teasing. Best of luck to you! I'll be on the other end skilling! No real goals set there just yet.
  6. Dalton

    Can you decide what your top 3 games of all time is?

    It was the best when both teams were able to talk to each other during the warmup lmao
  7. Dalton

    Can you decide what your top 3 games of all time is?

    3 favorite games of all time? EZPZ 1. Halo ODST (hnngh) 2. Runescape 3. Counterstrike All very nostalgic and can recall so many memories from each one!
  8. If these achievements are not reached, a pled you shall be!
  9. Dalton

    Pre-Launch Giveaway

    Woot! Best of luck to everyone!