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  1. Ava

    Donator Scroll and Shop

    Maybe give a list of suggested items yall would like to see in the donator store? Or do you think just add the stuff from the online shop?
  2. Ava

    Mr Bobos suggestions

    I agree with pretty much all of these except for the cannon at donator zone. ::di is already op as it is with all the stuff there, i definitely dont think it needs to be with a cannon. Other than that good list you got there. Hope to see a lot of these on some future update, some sooner rather than later. Also there are plans for new bosses coming up, so those drops you listed would be pretty nice to add to some of those rare/very rare drop tables! Good thinkin
  3. Ava

    Staff Suggestion

    I actually agree with this 100%. Great suggestion. I will definitely bring this up as a huge factor. Thanks Koda
  4. Ava

    Price Guide

    All of it added/edited. Thanks for the update!
  5. Ava

    [4/13/19] Server & Client Updates

    Awesome, been waiting for this!
  6. Ava

    Since its spam?!?

    Not enough spam for the spam thread tbh
  7. Ava

    Reporting dluzion

    Why are you reporting any of this stuff without any of it being directed towards you? I get you’re trying to be helpful, but you’re going out of your way for this stuff. You don’t know the context it was used it, they could have been messing around. Hell I say that to Kersch sometimes. If it was that big of a deal the guy he was talking to should have reported it. Pretty much just dont go out of your way to report stuff like this unless it’s a major issue and someone is actually being toxic and/or threatening someone, or a bug or anything like that. Thanks anyways for trying to be helpful tho
  8. Ava

    Reporting Real Staker

    As far as this report goes, Real Staker wasn’t impersonating staff, I was actually standing right there and talking to them. Jesus Why would have been the toxic one in this situation and he ended up getting himself banned, so that sums that up. That whole situation is over with, things were handled accordingly, this one can be closed up.
  9. Ava

    Price Guide

    "Warning: These prices are not always going to be exact and are expected to decrease as the amount of items increase in the game. Use your basic judgement skills." But ill change the wording to what you said
  10. Ava

    Price Guide

    Thats fair, and i mean like i said, these are all rough estimates and doesnt necessarily mean thats what it is. It also just depends on what people wanna pay for it
  11. Ava

    Price Guide

    Updated it with Darkbow! Should be good 🙂
  12. Ava

    Your Arrav Username

    Kind of misleading having my name as it is with me being a guy and all, however, the name Ava is going to be the name of my daughter, who is going to be born August 4th, so in 16 more short weeks. The girl in my profile picture being her mother and my fiance. So I just live the E-Grill life now 🙂
  13. Ava

    Price Guide

    Will update this thread with those items as soon as I get a chance! Edit: Updated with prices! Thanks 🙂
  14. Ava

    Price Guide

    Not sure atm until someone sells or gets price on them
  15. Ava

    Small Tweak Suggestions

    I agree with this. I always hit ESC and then you click the exit and its asking if you wanna log off