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  1. Rharh Del Tu

    [4/13/19] Server & Client Updates

    Thanks god for the skill interface, I was really getting over the agility penguin haha. Overall nice and needed updates, goodwork!
  2. Rharh Del Tu

    Skill Guides

    I agree. I listed it in my suggestions yesterday -
  3. Rharh Del Tu

    List of Suggestions

    The reason isn't forcing them, it's keeping the game rs alike however with rsps features. Every server I've come across, and I'm talking tier 1 servers all have this along with auto-attack. If the game is 'too easy', most players are more likely to quit early.
  4. Rharh Del Tu

    List of Suggestions

    Hello Arrav, Today I will be listing a few suggestions based on what I've seen as currently playing Arrav. Please note that some things may be minor, major, new or may have already been suggested. SERVER SUGGESTIONS: With talking to NPC's etc, allow for the 'space bar' to continue on with the NPC chat and also allow when given options, 1-2-3-4-5 etc to answer. It's a lot easier then having to click, especially when you're used to doing so. Voting is fine however in two of the options, it's noticed that you can either choose 'Mystery Box' or '1m Coins + 1 Vote Point'. Knowing that mystery boxes cost 1 Vote Point really defeats an option in voting as at least you're going to get a free 1m coins on top also. Inside the statistics bar, I've come across a major issue. You click the stat and all it shows is the current level you are. There are no options to actually check the pages on different things for exmaple, skill - attack - checking all the levels based on what weapons you can use. This would be a beneficial feature. Only thing I'd say have the option for is with slayer to know how many of the NPC's on current task you still need to complete instead of using Slayer Gem. Slayer Wilderness issues. For example, you can't even attack a skeleton because you must have a wilderness slayer task to do so. I feel this is misused as you should be able to attack anything in the wilderness however if you have the task then at least you're gaining slayer from doing so. Player's receiving wilderness keys shouldn't be announced over yell. I've noticed this in other servers where if this were the case, players would literally camp wildy just waiting to find someone to do the key whereas if you announce when a player gets a good drop from a wilderness key boss, then gives players that choice. It's just about being more fair to the players doing the key. Prayer and Hitpoints in the statistics bar stay at x10 when every other skill stays as it's original. I think this should be changed, not saying it's a major issue however inside the stats bar itself, this shouldn't really be implemented. For those who are beginning their journey, they may be mislead. The x10 should be displayed in the areas near the mini-map and on the battle field only. When right clicking the slayer assigner, you have the option within the open tab to select a task however it doesn't seem to work. Now as much as their isn't a big issue, if you're going to have an interface for a system like this then you should be able to click for a task. Still keep the same option of talking to the slayer assigner and asking for one however add this into the interface. Ring of Dueling doesn't seem to work when equipped as in the operate feature. Not a big issue however it works in inventory just not when equipped. Clue scrolls would be a nice little addition into the server, just brings another adventure with a decent reward(if lucky enough). Double EXP weekend (has already been suggested however adding it to the list) - This would definitely bring in a player base as most play on weekends. I've heard there is 'Hard Slayer' which I'm still unsure about and are not sure if it's something like elite slayer however would be an addition so that you can gain 'Hard/Elite Slayer Points' to fight in an arena or something a like that gives you a chance of obtaining better weapons or gear like Drygores - Boss would have to be extremely hard though. Help clan chat should be designed specifically for help only as in a chat mainly for server supports or players to answer questions needed and not for gambling or marketing. Gambling area is good however I've seen it in nearly every server where it is in the same place as always; Castle Wars. To be different and unique, I'd suggest moving it to an area that has been unused before to change things up from every other server. Where you thieve at home, there should be a NPC beside it where the items you gain from thieving, you specifically sell to that store. The reason behind this is because thieving is supposed to make money however after experiencing 99 thieving, you gain realistically nothing at all. Remove JAD pet from the store at fight cave's. Personally this should be something you get from killing JAD based on a ratio. When first logging in, the view of the game should be set to the original standard and if you wish to bring it closer or further away, then just set it the way you want. With the gambling system, I believe any player should be able to gamble, not just donators. It's encouraging players to get donator, don't give me wrong however also encourages them more to also gain it just to gamble in which is encouraging gambling. Some NPC monsters should auto-attack, noticing that through Blue Dragons in Taverly Dungeon as they don't auto-attack which is very strange. Similar to the above as in Taverly Dungeon, the access to blue dragons doesn't have an agility requirement as it's meant to be 70 agility to access. As much as you have a drop table, it only shows what monsters drop what; There is no way to search for an item to see what monster drops that item which I think should be implemented. FORUM SUGGESTIONS: Vouch board on forums for those who are gambling to have vouch threads. An area on the forum board for staff whom mute/ban/punish etc a player to list what they've done, the reasons why etc obviously only seen via staff and not by regular players. A forum for graphic design which also has sub-forums of showcase; graphic shop; gallery. Account designs as spoken with to Robot which appear behind your account details of when you post designed personally for each rank and their colour etc. At the moment these are the only few suggestions I have. As I come across the rest of the game, I'm sure I'll have more suggestions to be made however for the meantime, these are mine so far. Thanks for reading devs and hopefully a lot of these get implemented. Thanks again, Rharh Del Tu