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  1. VexRen

    [4/3/19] Server & Client Updates

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. VexRen

    Regarding lag

  3. VexRen

    Lag issue resolved!

  4. VexRen

    Dima Is Here

    Welcome man!
  5. VexRen

    Clan Suggestion

    Hey! Vexren here. Thought it would be awesome if we could have a Clan section for the forums. Would love to start a clan right off the bat. Thanks 🙂
  6. VexRen

    Dirk's Introduction

    I feel ya man! welcome!
  7. VexRen

    Maxing Giveaway

    Sounds bad ass!!! i wont compete in this as i take my sweet ass time with everything hahahaha
  8. VexRen

    Le Harmless Goals & Achievements

    Nice man! best of luck to you!
  9. VexRen

    My introduction (Matidevo)

    Nice to meet you man!
  10. VexRen

    Introduction Volt

    Welcome man!
  11. For sure man! we can be a sick trio hehehehe
  12. VexRen

    Galent Maul

    Welcome! see you in game for more then a month 🙂
  13. VexRen

    donar benefit list ?

    Not a problem man anytime!
  14. VexRen

    Arrav Scheduled For Release

    You got my hopes up!!! it said saturday now its sunday :((((((((((((
  15. VexRen

    donar benefit list ?

    You'll find that under Knowledge base buddy. Heres the link