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  1. Joe

    $20 Donor Credits Giveaway

    Worked for me good luck all :), have screenshot on phone but won’t work aha will try attach when home from work. IGN: joe
  2. Joe

    Appealing my mute @energy

    Wagwan, I got muted in game, i got given a warning in help chat and then stopped. However had some banter with john & energy, but for some reason energy got sad and muted me 😞 . https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8apdjiwij58flw/Screenshot 2019-04-10 22.23.48.png?dl=0 #johnseenitdoe #Freejoefromabusexxxxxxx #firstappealapproved
  3. Good luck with this one pal - might be looking to do some duos with you if that RNG comes in
  4. Joe

    Pre-Launch Giveaway

    I’d like to join :))