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    Thank you guys for your thoughts on this matter! We will make sure that "og" players are rewarded somehow if the reset happens 🙂 Appreciation gift of some sort
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    I think Arrav should add a donator store. Scrolls are useless except for an in-game rank, or trading to other players. Donator scrolls should give Donator Points (there is a spot for this in the quest tab...), and from there you can purchase from a shop in-game. Every server has this, and I think it would make donating actually worth something To make it super simple, you could just put the items in the Store into the in-game Donator Store, and price it like: $50 scroll = 50 donator points Elysian SS = $45 in Store or 45 donator points. etc. Thanks
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    I suggest that in some point it would be cool to have the OG minimap. I mean this http://prntscr.com/neukw0 To show where u exactly are. Like this http://prntscr.com/neukon Dunno if this is suggested already but would be a cool addon ?
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    you will also get donor points 1$ = 1 point so you will be able to buy items back
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    Iam gonna stay no matter what happens however losing my rares would really suck since i spent like 250$. Would i be able to buy back the rares i bought already with those donator points or will it be more expensive? Basicly iam asking if iam gonna be able to buy my rare items back such as Black Partyhat and Sled.
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    personaly 2, however, i think it could be a big hit and miss either way you do it.. alot of people have put MANY hours into this server and to lsoe it all would be shit... items etc that ive spent hours doing will be lost and not gained back and only thing you would get back in donar points in game... dosnt add up either way you do it ..... i'd personaly make sure there is something sorted out for donars and the items they have looted via donating.
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    - Bug: When you tele home and you click somewhere, every 2 or 3 steps you just stop. This is suuuuper frustrating haha - Gamplay: Enable cannon on waaaaaaaaay more places (also in donator zone) - Gameplay: Make wildy keys so it works with locations for each key instead of all same place. And make it so you need to fight a boss on each location instead of a stupid nobrain npc. A wildy npc can drop a random key so you can't kill low monsters to only get the easy keys. Maybe boost wildy key rewards a bit then. - Gameplay: Make corporial beast more weak against range so you can accually kill him apart from only being able to kill it with vesta spear or zammy spear. - Gameplay: Make daily tasks worth it. So give a decent reward like a legendary mbox or something people want instead of 1 useless myster box haha - Gameplay: Give players all the same stats, gear, prayer book and spellbook in the ffa minigame. After the minigame you get your old stats back. - Gameplay: Make Glacors weak against fireblast as they should be - Gameplay: Add items to drop tables such as: Robin hoot hat (possibly with colors) Ranger boots Dragon parts (or) A chance to get a golder scratch card in some way - Economy/Gameplay: I know you won't like this at first but please think about it. You need a loooooot more stuff to do ingame. When you add more bosses which are worth doing people don't get bored so fast. Also this would improve the economy A LOT. By giving more ways to obtain em people will accually grind multiple bosses instead of the few usefull ones now. So thats why I ask to add ways to obtain the high tier items (on a low drop rate with a hard boss ofc like wildy bosses etc) such as: Amulet of torture Occult necklace Necklace of anguish Ring of suffering Tormented bracelet Bloodhound pet Ring of wealth (i) Elder Maul Ancestral hat Ancestral robe top Ancestral robe bottom Zaryte Bow - Economy: Make players lose void in wildy. Players can buy them back from an npc for 2m each part. When someone kills a player with void parts on, 1,5m cash for each part should be dropped as a reward instead of gear. So some1 with 4 parts of void would drop 6m cash when being killed and can buy void parts back each part for 2m. - Economy: I would remove some items from the donator store, to keep demand higher and to have some drop only items too. This would raise their value and so can everyone make some money and has a chance on a sick drop. Items I would remove from shop: Zaryte bow, Toxic Staff Of The Dead, Blowpipe and Armadyl Crossbow. Most revenue comes from scratchers or rares anyway. - QOL: Make it so we can make potions with 3 doses and 4 doses - QOL: Add limpwurt roots to herblore shop - QOL: Make items in herblore shop noted.. Its rlly anoying to have to teleport everytime for 28 of them. - QOL: Add pre-sets even without interfaces to start with, just text chatbox interfaces is fine for now - QOL: Add the make all option on herblore.. its a mess to keep spam clicking every potion 😅 - QOL: Add Bank placeholders, people love these !!! - Guides: Add a wildy key reward guide
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    This is a very basic start to what I think could be added to the achievement shop. When you complete all the achievements in easy/medium/hard/elite, you have access to the following: EASY Karamja Gloves 1 - 5% experience boost on Agility Ardougne Cloak 1 - 5% experience boost on Thieving Varrock Armour 1 - 2% Chance on mining/smelting an extra ore/bar MEDIUM Karamja Gloves 2 - 7% experience boost on Agility Ardougne Cloak 2 - 7% experience boost on Thieving Varrock Armour 2 - 5% Chance on mining/smelting an extra ore/bar Cooking Gauntlets - reduced chance of burning food while cooking Chaos Gauntlets - amplifies damage dealt by bolt spells Tome of Fire - unlimited fire runes HARD Karamja Gloves 3 - 10% experience boost on Agility Ardougne Cloak 3 - 10% experience boost on Thieving Varrock Armour 3 - 7% Chance on mining/smelting an extra ore/bar Pyromancer set - 15% experience boost on Firemaking Lumberjack set - 15% experience boost on Woodcutting Mining set - 15% experience boost on Mining ELITE Karamja Gloves 4 - 15% experience boost on Agility Ardougne Cloak 4 - 15% experience boost on Thieving Varrock Armour 4 - 10% Chance on mining/smelting an extra ore/bar Bonecrusher - used to automatically bury bnes upon a monster kill Inferno Adze - used as a pickaxe and hatchet; chance at burning a log while woodcutting, same speed as dragon pickaxe (or) As this is just a starting idea, I think there can be a lot added to this. What are your guys' suggestions to be added? Let's keep it organized as well. Please follow the same format as above 🙂
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    Maybe give a list of suggested items yall would like to see in the donator store? Or do you think just add the stuff from the online shop?
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    100% agree with all these! Great suggestions!
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    I agree with pretty much all of these except for the cannon at donator zone. ::di is already op as it is with all the stuff there, i definitely dont think it needs to be with a cannon. Other than that good list you got there. Hope to see a lot of these on some future update, some sooner rather than later. Also there are plans for new bosses coming up, so those drops you listed would be pretty nice to add to some of those rare/very rare drop tables! Good thinkin
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    Nice suggestions but somethings you have written down here are already in the game. Ranger boots already in the game, robin hood hat also but not in colours and tbh would be useless. only for fashion it would be cool. And they should not add a golden scratch to the droptables, rather have the scratches from keys/caskets/boxes. I agree but, not for that amount. Its really hard to get money in this server, all coins comes more from votes & donation. They should deffenitely buff every droprate table almost, because you can't make "coins" really easy.
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    Just a few of the top of my head, some have already been suggested, by myself or others ingame/ on forums, but I’m bored at work some of these may already have been added as I haven’t been on for a couple of days -pvp repair shop for items such a vesta, makes doanting for it worthless if it’s not tradable . -zaryte bow specs needs buffing , does a msb spec but almost always hits nothing -dragon kin lamp from daily reward only offers 15k xp for irons and realism, maybe a bug that needs buffing? -donator shop in game from where to spend scrolls and make it actually worth buying scrolls to sell on, making more donators , more money for the server , more money to advertise . -add a healer at home, just like the one in donator zone, for when pvping increases , maybe make a timer that you have to be out of combat for so many seconds before being able to heal, also once every 1-2 mins, stops possible rushing? -at duel arena, add a flashing red “!”, like in osrs when a option has been changed. Reduces chances of being scammed. -voting multiple reward system needs to be re looked at, as one option is obsolete , what’s the point in taking one mystery box, when you can take a vote point and 1m, and still go and buy the mystery box with the one vote point . -nex items such as Torva isn’t increasing max health like it should. - should be able to claim more than 10 auths a day, I understand it’s to stop vpn multi voting -possibly make the world map usable , showing where you are in the world would be a good extra, stops having to go to google. theres probably more , just can’t think of the top of my head .
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